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Bails & Bonds Documentary

Bails & Bonds, available March 26th, delves into the intricacies of the bail system, examining how it impacts the lives of mothers and their children. Despite the challenges they face, these mothers demonstrate incredible resilience and love for their children as they struggle to maintain bonds and provide for them. Directed by DocuCourse creator, @avestokes. Get free access at

This is brought to you in partnership with @healthforwardkc, Convergence Partnership, and @assemble.begreat. Also a big thanks to @reale_justice_network for being a part of this project and serving Black mothers. Special shoutouts to our producer, @drwilliamsabe, as well as @tvcort, Qiana Thomason, Amanda Navarro, and Michele Silver.


Getting Involved


We strive to make a difference by the approach that we take with our work. We recognize that many of this countries institutions were built upon white supremacist culture, which embodies centuries of harmful practices that directly impact Black people and other people of color. We know that our communities have suffered under the weight of terrorism, violence, racism, sexism, discrimination in employment and housing (red-lining), which contributes to the wealth gap between Black and white households. We know that we must resist.

Join us in our work towards Reale Justice and liberation.

Birth Justice​

We work to improve infant and maternal health through research, education and policy. We provide midwifery referrals and full doula services for Black birthing people. Studies show that people who have the support of a trained professional such as a doula, experience lower rates of preterm births, have less Cesareans, and less babies are born with low birth weight.  Having a doula reduces infant morbidity and infant mortality.  It also saves millions of dollars in health care related expenses.  A doula can also be thought of as a birth partner.  Doulas are the creators of a Sacred Space.  We bring calm, and direction to what can sometimes be a chaotic environment.  Doulas assist during labor and for a period of time after the baby is born.  Doulas visits the family after the birth and provides postpartum care and breastfeeding support.

Survivor Support

We give special attention to BIPOC survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence.  

Not many people are aware that pregnancy itself is a risk factor for intimate partner violence.  30% of intimate partner violence survivors are assaulted for the first time during their pregnancy.  

According to studies, more than 40% of Black MaGes (marginalized genders)  will experience intimate partner  violence during their lifetime.   This number is even higher for Indigenous survivor.

“As a survivor of intimate partner violence, during my pregnancy,  I personally understand what a person in that situation may be going through and it is my goal to empower survivors to be able to advocate for themselves”, Justice Gatson, Founder of Reale Justice Network.

One of the most important things that a person in an abusive situation can do is to make a safety plan.  It’s also important to document any type of abuse.  We can assist you with creating a personalized safety plan.  Every survivor’s situation is different so plans need to be tailored to what is actually the safest possible solution for the individuals involved.   We also help with evidence collection through our  Evidentiary Affidavit Report.  Please email us for support.

Participatory Defense Team

This team provides  support by working with community members on their court cases and by showing up to court with them as a support person.

The Reale Justice Participatory Defense Hub, is a team dedicated to supporting people during their court case. Learning how to support, educate and empower community members through the court process is a powerful and effective way to advocate for them. We offer training and support for those interested in joining the Reale Justice Network Participatory Defense Team. Participants will learn how to support youth and adult community members through their court cases and the criminal injustice process.  This group will work with our bail fund recipients as part of the BailOut/KeepOut program.

Community House

RJN Community House will serve as a safe space for organizers to work and  meet. We need volunteers, skilled in carpentry to help restore the space.

Reale Justice Network is a grassroots group dedicated to survivors of intimate partner violence and those affected by all forms of social injustice. We are fundraising to rehab the Reale Justice Network Community House. The house will provide a safe space to meet and provide emergency services and resources to those who may need them. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and hope that you feel inspired to help us meet our goals. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Buy the Block

RJN Buy the Block is an up and coming housing program that merges volunteerism and community service with housing needs.

Buy The Block KC is a unique initiative to restore humanity and dignity to marginalized individuals in search of affordable housing options.

Community Bailfund

This is a Black led bail fund operating in the spirit of our ancestors who frequently had to purchase the freedom of a family member or loved one. Women of color are significantly overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

Black women represent 30% of all incarcerated women in the U.S, although they represent 13% of the female population generally.

Since 2018, Reale Justice Network has participated in the Mother’s Day National bail out for Black Mama’s.  It is a fact that African Americans face disproportionately high numbers of incarceration due to all kinds of social injustices, discrimination and racism.  Pretrial detention and cash bail are big contributors to this problem.  

Reale Justice Network has created  a permanent BailOut/KeepOut fund that will serve those who are caught in the snares of the criminal legal system. Our emphasis is on bailing out Black women and femmes. However the funds are open to all disenfranchised groups.

Bootcamp & Training Dates

Reale Justice Network’s Organizers School hosted Kansas City’s first annual Social Justice Bootcamp in August 2020.  The Bootcamp is carried out in August to honor Black August. 

The annual Social Justice Bootcamp will cover critical skills necessary to build power, sustain grassroots movements and organize for Black liberation.

Join us for skill shares, workshops and strategy discussions for movement building.


Some of the workshop titles include:

Organizing 101: Responsible organizing: Mitigate harm towards black and indigenous COMMUNITIES.


Reproductive Justice Political Education: what is reproductive justice?

Reproductive Justice Ballot Iniative Training: building power for bodily automony

Direct Action & de-ESCALATION Training

How to incorporate an Abolitionist Framework in your organizing work

movement to Spirituality: Alter building 101

anit-racism training: weaponizing White-ness, How white tears and privilege harm Black people

Media & narrative training for reproductive justice

If your group or organization is interested in partnership, please email us.

2024 Social Justice Boot-camp dates coming soon


More of what we do

KC Protest Support

Court Support Team

Volunteers will attend court to support protesters on their court date as well as assist with the particulars of their case.

Marshall Team

Volunteers will work with other established marshalling groups to provide crowd control and march route support for protest marches and events.

Care Team

Volunteers will set up tables/tents at protest events to offer cold water, snacks, supplies and information for protestors and event organizers.

Artists and Musicians

Volunteers will use their artistic and musical talents to create works that reflect the spirit of the movement to inspire and uplift our community.

Bail Support Team

Volunteers will work on the ground, to locate Black and Brown protesters who are being arrested. Extra care is given to our LGBTQIA comrades.

Direct Action Team

Volunteers will work to uplift protest demands by means of strategic planning and direct action involving public officials and other identified targets.

Healing Team

Volunteers will create a variety of healing experiences to ease trauma and care for our spiritual bodies.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are a Black and Indigenous, survivor led, reproductive justice group, advocating for a range of political and social justice issues that directly impact Black and Brown communities.  We are abolitionists and believe that all forms of cages impair the potential and growth of humans.  We are unapologetically BLACK.  We are a family and embrace ALL Black people with love and light.

Reale Justice Network

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